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All our cake & cupcake classes are now fully booked for 2013/14 - thanks to everyone who's booked and we're sorry we can't accommodate more students.

We'll be uploading a selection of great recipe and instructional videos each week to the Cupcake Jemma YouTube channel.
Crumbs and Doilies Essentials cupcake class
Cupcake essentials
Our introductory class focuses on a variety of decorative techniques and can be adapted to any group/ability level.
Crumbs and Doilies floral fantasy cupcake class
Floral Fantasy
An intermediate class focused on developing specific skills based around floral decoration.
Crumbs and Doilies complete cupcake class
Complete Cupcakes
A longer 6-hour class showing you everything you need to make perfect cupcakes, including baking and making buttercream as well as decorating
Crumbs and Doilies vintage cupcake class
Vintage Cupcakes
An intermediate class in which students learn a variety of simple and advanced decoration techniques to produce a vintage cupcake selection.
Crumbs and Doilies decorative piping cupcake class
Decorative Piping
An intermediate/Advanced course teaching all the secrets of our signature piped decorative styles.
Crumbs and Doilies giant cupcake class
Giant Cupcakes
Learn to tame the most ferocious cupcake known to man (or woman) and produce your very own perfectly decorated Giant Cupcake.