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Did you know that our very own Jemma has a weekly YouTube channel covering all things cupcake and cake-related? Tune in each week for new how-to videos including cupcake recipes and cake recipes as well as tips and tricks that'll have you baking and shaking like a pro in no time. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube for the freshest videos and recipes each week!
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Cupcake Recipes
Maple & Bacon cupcakes
Maple & Bacon Cupcakes
Raspberry Meringue Cupcakes
Raspberry Meringue Cupcakes
Chocolate cupcake
Best-ever Chocolate Cupcakes
Vegan Cupcakes
Amazing Vegan Cupcakes
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Themes & Tutorials
Mini Burger cupcakes
Mini Burger Cupcakes
Rainbow cupcakes
Rainbow Cupcakes
Rainbow iced cupcakes
Rainbow Buttercream Icing
Game of Thrones Cupcakes
Game of Thrones Cupcakes
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Sweets & Cakes
Insane S
S'Mores Brownie
Double Chocolate Dip
Double Chocolate Dip recipe
Italian Biscotti recipe
Candied Bacon
Candied Bacon
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Behind the scenes
Crumbs & Diaries pt1
Crumbs & Diaries
Lego Ninja cupcakes
Lego Ninjas
Caramel Pretzel making of
Caramel Pretzel Cake
Eggs & Bacon Cupcakes
Makin' Bacon
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