Three Tier Raspberry Ripple Cake!

Raspberry Ripple 4

Here’s a closer look at the ridiculously delicious three-tier Raspberry Ripple cake we did for Laura, this week. Each tier is made up of eight (yes EIGHT!) layers of raspberry sponge, coulis and buttercream… What more could you want than 24 layers of the moist, raspberry goodness? Fun fact – it took 5 punnets of fresh raspberries to create this monster. Totally worth it, if you ask us!

Fun Corporate Cake Alert!

LinkedIn 4

Who said corporate cakes had to be boring? We’re big fans of this fun, tiered cake we did on behalf of the team at LinkedIn, as a gift for the guys at Unilever to congratulate them on an epic number of LinkedIn followers!

Hand-piped Tupac & Biggie Cupcakes!

Tupacs 3

Looking for a creative way to ask your bestie to be your Made of Honour? Jade commissioned us to create these bad-ass Tupac & Notorious B.I.G themed cupcakes to ask her best mate to be her (M)ade (O)f (H)onour. We’re not really sure how frienemies Tupac and Biggie really fit in here, but who are we to argue with a piping request this cool?

We hope she said yes!





Outer Space Cupcakes!

Outer Space 4

We love a custom request, especially when it’s as fun as this one! When Natasha came to us for an outer space theme and told us to go ahead and do our thing, we were pretty excited. A day of making little astronauts and meteors from sugarpaste is a pretty good day at the office, if you ask us.

Bespoke Double-Stacked Ombré Birthday Cake

Ombre Teapot Cake 1

Here’s a look at a double-stacked version of our Ombré cake that we did for Anaya’s birthday, last week. With layers of Ombré Vanilla sponge, this buttercream cake is finished with cascading polka dots and a ridiculously cute hand-made tea set! Happy Birthday Anaya!

Wondering whether we could pipe Tupac onto a cupcake? The answer is yes.
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The brief was “pink, silver, gold and plenty of bling!” and we think we delivered!
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Key Lime Pie cupcakes!
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Swirls upon swirls.
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They’re here! You can now order our favourite brownies and bakes in 7″ and 10″ sizes via our website. Click the link in our profile!
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Succulent inspired wedding cupcakes!

Succulents 4

It’s not every day you get asked to theme a wedding order around drought-resistant plants, but based on how beautiful these succulent inspired cupcakes are, maybe it should be!

Jess & Simon’s big day was all about the muted, pastel hues found in nature (oh and love and marriage, probably!), and we think their choice of cupcakes reflects this perfectly. We used soft Vanilla buttercream to bring in the beautiful, soft shades of blue, grey, purple & green to tie in with the succulents. Each succulent is hand-made and hand-painted and is perched on a pillowy pile of Cream Cheese frosting, topping a Jamaican Gingerbread base.

Congratulations Jess & Simon! We hope you love these as much as we do!


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Custard cream cupcakes are back at C&D Soho!
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Mixed Mini Round-up

Mixed Minis 2

It’s no secret, we love Mini Cupcakes. Not just because you can eat at least four without feeling guilty. OK maybe that is the main reason, but we also love how great they look, however they’re decorated. Here’s a look at some of our favourite Mixed Mini selections from the last week…