Stacked Cakes!

Stacked Cakes

So while Crumbs & Doilies started it’s life exclusively as a cupcakery, we’ve grown and evolved a lot over the years! While we still pride ourselves on making the best cupcakes in London (possibly THE WORLD!), we now produce a lot of really amazing cakes, too. We now offer stacked versions of all of our ready to order cakes for when one just isn’t enough. We thought it would be fun to give you a look at a few of the fun cakes we’ve made recently, and a sneak peek at how we made them!

Hand-piped Books & The City Cupcakes

Books & the City

We’ve had the pleasure of doing many an order for the guys at Simon & Schuster over the years and they always give us the freedom to create something really fun, whatever the occasion. Sara-Jade sent us the poster for their Books & The City event, outlined a few key elements that she wanted us to include and then allowed us to do our thing. We think the end result is pretty great!

Marine Biology Cake!

Under the Sea 4

Here’s a closer look a very cool Marine Biology inspired cake we did this weekend! We’re not sure about you, but personally we find sharks a little more er… palatable, when they’re of the sugarpaste variety!

Tidings from Soho

Shop pics 4

While our HQ in Wandsworth is all about bespoke orders and delivering treats around London, our shop in Soho works a little differently. In our small but perfectly formed bakery upstairs, our team bake really exciting and seasonal flavours every morning, as part of an ever-changing menu. Here’s a closer look at a few of the amazing flavour creations coming out of C&D Soho!

We’re loving fresh, spring flavours like Pistachio and Rose, which has a pistachio sponge, pistachio cream filling and is finished with fragrant rose buttercream, pistachios and crystallised rose petals. Also gracing our counters is Nutella Ella Ella; with a Chocolate and Hazelnut sponge, Nutella whipped cream filling and a Nutella Swiss Meringue Buttercream, this is the ultimate diva of the cupcake world and regular guest star at C&D Soho. We can’t get enough of the ridiculously cute Jammie Dodger; Raspberry Sponge, Strawberry filling, splodge of jam and mini Jammie Dodger on top – how could you not love this guy?

As Summer slowly slinks in, we’re taking inspiration from our favourite drinks for some of our newer flavours. OK so maybe a cupcake isn’t what we’d recommend to quench your thirst, but we wouldn’t blame you for trying, with flavours like Pink Lemonade, Piña Colada and Cherry Cola.

Find some of these guys, along with loads of fresh, seasonal flavours in our Soho Store!

Custom Birthday Cake Round-up


We love a custom birthday request here at C&D Towers. Whatever your wish or whim, we can whip it up in cake form. Here are a few of the fun creations that have left our bakery in the last few weeks. We’ve included a few behind-the-scenes shots so that you can see our gang hard at work!

Tinkerbell & Periwinkle Cake

PixieHollow 2

We are always very excited to hear from our lovely regular customer Athena. We’ve had the pleasure of doing lots of fun cakes for her daughter’s birthdays over the years, and we know that we’re going to have a fun challenge on our hands, whenever she gets in touch.

Our latest mission was to create an edible Pixie Hollow, complete with 3D sugarpaste models of long-lost sisters, Tinkerbell & Periwinkle! Every detail on this (cleverly disguised) chocolate cake is edible, from toad-stools to tree stumps. Our clever gang hand-painted and hand-made every detail – there are definitely worse ways to spend a working week!

Three Tier Raspberry Ripple Cake!

Raspberry Ripple 4

Here’s a closer look at the ridiculously delicious three-tier Raspberry Ripple cake we did for Laura, this week. Each tier is made up of eight (yes EIGHT!) layers of raspberry sponge, coulis and buttercream… What more could you want than 24 layers of the moist, raspberry goodness? Fun fact – it took 5 punnets of fresh raspberries to create this monster. Totally worth it, if you ask us!

Fun Corporate Cake Alert!

LinkedIn 4

Who said corporate cakes had to be boring? We’re big fans of this fun, tiered cake we did on behalf of the team at LinkedIn, as a gift for the guys at Unilever to congratulate them on an epic number of LinkedIn followers!

Hand-piped Tupac & Biggie Cupcakes!

Tupacs 3

Looking for a creative way to ask your bestie to be your Made of Honour? Jade commissioned us to create these bad-ass Tupac & Notorious B.I.G themed cupcakes to ask her best mate to be her (M)ade (O)f (H)onour. We’re not really sure how frienemies Tupac and Biggie really fit in here, but who are we to argue with a piping request this cool?

We hope she said yes!





Outer Space Cupcakes!

Outer Space 4

We love a custom request, especially when it’s as fun as this one! When Natasha came to us for an outer space theme and told us to go ahead and do our thing, we were pretty excited. A day of making little astronauts and meteors from sugarpaste is a pretty good day at the office, if you ask us.

Bespoke Double-Stacked Ombré Birthday Cake

Ombre Teapot Cake 1

Here’s a look at a double-stacked version of our Ombré cake that we did for Anaya’s birthday, last week. With layers of Ombré Vanilla sponge, this buttercream cake is finished with cascading polka dots and a ridiculously cute hand-made tea set! Happy Birthday Anaya!

Wondering whether we could pipe Tupac onto a cupcake? The answer is yes.
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The brief was “pink, silver, gold and plenty of bling!” and we think we delivered!
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Key Lime Pie cupcakes!
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Swirls upon swirls.
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