Brownies & Tray Bakes, now available to ORDER!

group brownieHave you heard, have you heard!? Our brownies, tray bakes & slices are now available to order via the website! There are 12 fine specimens, from the majestic Snickers Brownie to the lesser spotted Cookie Cheesecake. These rare breeds were previously only found in the C&D Soho region but have recently been domesticated, allowing for delivery right to your door!

Available in 7″ or 10″ slabs, you can choose from Snickers Brownie, PB&J Brownie, Cornershop Tiffin, Biscoff Rocky Road, Salted Caramel Pretzel Shortbread, Pecan Brownie, Cookie Dough Brownie, Oreo Rocky Road, Rice Crispie Party Bar, Cookie Cheesecake, Classic Chocolate and Double Decker Brownie! Catch them while you can!

Crumbs & Doilies Soho is now open!


We’re really excited to announce that our new shop is now open at 1 Kingly Court, London, W1B 5PW! It’s just off Carnaby Street and is open 11am-7pm weekdays and 12pm-6pm Sundays. There’s great coffee from our friends at Grind, amazing teas by Suki Tea and sodas from All Good, as well as lots and lots of truly amazing cakes, cupcakes and bakes. Stay tuned for a full tour, but for now why not let Jemma show you around? Take a look below…


C&D Soho opens this December – Back us on Kickstarter for free cupcakes and amazing rewards!


We’re really excited to announce that this December Crumbs & Doilies is coming to town! We’ll be opening our very first cake shop in the heart of Soho, in Carnaby’s Kingly Court, and we’d love to get everyone involved. We’ve set up a super-fun Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the shopfit and to give backers the chance to enjoy some amazing rewards when we open.

We’ve got Tote Bags, Tea Towels, Pin Badges, signed copies of The Cake Book and much more – including boxes and boxes of free cupcakes – to give away. Check out the full rewards below and if you have time we’d love it if you would consider taking a look at our Kickstarter Page and passing it on to your friends.


Kickstarter Rewards-01

The Cake Book Launches this Week

The Cake Book

Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Presents: The Cake Book, by Cupcake Jemma, launches this Thursday! You can pick up a copy on Amazon, at most good High Street bookshops or order direct from us using the button below.

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Exciting Recipe Book news!

Cupcake Jemma The Cake Book

We are almost beside ourselves with excitement to announce that a selection of our very best recipes from the C&D kitchen will soon be available in the forthcoming Cake Book, courtesy of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube and our very own Cupcake Jemma. Penned by our very own Jemma (with a little help from the C&D team) it’s a handy cakey companion that’ll take your baking from so-so to woah! in no time at all. Featuring a selection of our very best cupcakes and cakes including Blueberry Cheesecake, Raspberry Ripple, Lemon Meringue, even the elusive and rarely-spotted Velvet Volcano! Best of all there’s no skipped steps or knock-off recipes here – every one is the full-on, C&D tried, tested and tasted recipe: sponge, icing, extras – exactly as we do it at the bakery.

You can pre-order The Cake Book right now at Amazon, and it’ll be all over the place (as well as on your doormat, if you’ve ordered early) from June 5th!

Cupcake Jemma on FoodTube

Cupcake Jemma banner

We’re super-excited to announce that our very own Jemma has only gone and been given her very own channel on YouTube, courtesy of a certain Mr. Jamie Oliver! Cupcake Jemma will be bringing a bit of C&D sweetness to the FoodTube family, passing on more than a little of her not inconsiderable cake-based knowledge and showing you how to make a whole host of brilliant cupcakes, cakes, cookies and more.

There’ll be a new video every week so be sure to check out the official Cupcake Jemma page on YouTube, and of course subscribe (if you’re into that kinda thing) for the latest and greatest bakes. Plus, you can find a handy cake compendium of all her videos on our website too.

In the meantime, you can check out a few of the latest videos below. Be sure to visit the CcJ page (as surely no-one is yet calling it) to get access to all the videos!

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Catch Jemma on Jamie’s FoodTube!

Great news for anyone wanting to brush up on their own cupcake skills – our very own Jemma has joined Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Family, from the bosom of which she’ll be offering up a selection of entertaining and educational clips on everything from making the perfect buttercream to working with royal icing.

You can watch Jamie’s introduction above and the first video (Perfect Buttercream) below, and while you’re at it be sure to subscribe to the Food Tube channel for forthcoming vids from not only Jemma but also Gennaro, DJ BBQ, The Chiappas and of course Jamie himself. There’s new videos every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday!

A closer look at our new packaging

Crumbs & Doilies cupcakes

As part of our spring clean we’ve redesigned all our cupcake boxes and packaging, from the custom sprinkle-print tissue paper that lines each box to the colourful straps and stickers that provide a finishing touch. It’s been an exciting few weeks seeing our new-look boxes make their way into the big wide world, so we thought we’d share a few pics here on the blog.

All our boxes are custom-made to provide a perfect fit for our cupcakes, so once your order is baked and decorated we carefully nestle them inside ensuring the little chaps can’t roll around or smush their icing everywhere, and guaranteeing that your cupcakes are as perfect when you receive them as the moment when they left the bakery.

What’s more for extra environmental piece of mind all our packaging is completely recyclable, so once you’ve enjoyed your cupcakes it can be disposed of without damage to mother nature or your environmental credentials. We’re really pleased with the new boxes and we think you’re going to love them just as much (ok, nearly as much) as what’s inside. In the meantime click on for a more detailed peek…

Cherry Blossom Cupcake Mosaic, with 10,000 cupcakes!

Cherry Blossom cupcake mosaic

Here’s some quick pics of the huge cupcake mosaic we created last weekend for Japanese TV show ITTEQ with Laura Hadland and the Morisanchu Group, made from over 10,000 of our big cupcakes! The whole project was planned out in under a week, with both the perfectly colour-matched icing and the cupcakes themselves being made in a day (to ensure they were all edible once set up). All this while accommodating the (never lees than friendly and smiley) Japanese film crew and presenters, and fulfilling our regular orders. Not only that, but a few last-minute TV production hitches meant that we had to deliver the whole lot in a massive truck to Leicester rather than London as originally planned. One very careful trip later and the guys were ready to start work on a truly epic cupcake assembly job!

Of course it all came together beautifully, and the end result was quite spectacular if I do say so myself… Thanks to everyone at C&D and ITTEQ for all their hard work in making it possible, and to the good people of Leicester, whose hearty appetites helped us solve the question of what to do with 10,000 cupcakes once filming wrapped.
Cherry Blossom cupcake mosaic
Cherry Blossom cupcake mosaic
Cherry Blossom

Check us out on Instagram!

Hey gang. Those of you lucky enough to be in possession of an iPhone might have heard of a fun little app called Instagram, which lets you take and share pictures with friends. Well, you may or may not be pleased to hear that the guys here at C&D are big fans! If you’re on a computer you can take a look at our pics right here, or log in to Instagram on your iPhone and follow us (‘crumbsanddoilies’) to get our photos in your feed.

You can still find a whole host of lovely cupcake pics in our gallery and right here on my little blog, of course, as well as on our flickr and facebook pages, but we’ll also be posting up quick snaps and behind-the-scenes pics via Instagram, so if that’s your bag feel free to check it out!

Happy snapping!


Crumbs and Doilies Streetcar ad!

Hi all. If you’ve been out and about on London’s tube network you might have noticed a new Streetcar ad featuring yours truly (well, not me personally – there were image rights issues – but Jemma and Sally are in it) and our cupcakes.

If you happen to find yourself crammed up against said poster next time you’re making your way around the Underground why not snap a pic of you or a friend with it and Tweet us (@crumbsandoilies) or post something on our Facebook Wall? We’ll reward pic-posters with cupcake vouchers!

Cake Britain cupcakes!

Here’s a peek at the special Jon Burgerman cupcakes we made for the Cake Britain show at the Future Gallery this weekend… Sponsored by the good folk over at Tate and Lyle in celebration of their move to Fair Trade sugars a selection of the UK’s finest and funnest artists have come together with some of the country’s top bakers (and, er, us) to create the world’s first entirely edible exhibition.

Jon Burgerman’s original artwork

We paired up with illustrative supremo Jon Burgerman who was kind enough to provide us with this picture of some burger men (geddit?) as inspiration. A lot of baking, custom cupcake molds, sugarcrafting and a moderate amount of cursing later and here they are – Crumbs and Doilies x Jon Burgerman Burger Men!

The exhibition is on from today until Monday 30th August at the Future Gallery (just by Leicester Square tube) and features other amazing cake art by Michele Wibowo, Bea’s of Bloomsbury, Lily Vanilli, Miss Cakehead, Paul Baker, Bompass & Parr and more. All proceeds go to charity and for anyone with an interest in art or cake it really is a must-see.


New website!

Hi all. Exciting news! Despite having precisely zero web design experience and severely limited intelligence the guys have been working late on a new project (with a little help from yours truly) for the past couple of weeks and I’m pleased to announce that the new Crumbs and Doilies website is now “live”, as they say.

It’s a lot like the old one – plenty of delightful cupcake pictures, order details and information – but with a few new features, which I’ll highlight a little later once I’ve checked off this morning’s sprinkle delivery. In the meantime please do have a browse around and let us know if you spot anything funny or if your computer blows up (it shouldn’t).