Custom Snow White Cake

Snow White Cake

We’ve been doing amazing cakes for Athena and her daughters for years, and we know that whenever she gets in touch we’re going to be able to create something really fun. The brief this year was for an enchanting Snow White Cake. As always, Athena gave us an idea of what she had in mind, we drafted some ideas, sent her a quick sketch  and she left the rest to us. We think the resulting cake is pretty magical!


Tiered Pastel Unicorn Cake!


Tiered UnicornYou can’t go near the internet without bumping into a Unicorn, at the moment, and we’re not complaining. We love creating edible manifestations of these mythical beasts, and we think they make for the cutest cakes. Lucky Harper got not one but two tiers of Unicorn goodness for her second birthday this weekend. Happy Birthday, Harper, we hope it was magical!


Bespoke Cornetto Cake

Cornetto 1

Never ones to turn down the chance to eat ice cream in the name of research, we naturally jumped at the chance to help the guys at Cornetto with this birthday gift for Perrie from Little Mix. This decadent beast of a cake, based on a Choc Caramel Crunch Cornetto, is two tiers of rich chocolate and caramel sponge, covered in caramel buttercream and ganache, piled high with all kinds of ice cream related trappings. Now that the work is done, we probably deserve another Cornetto… right?


Octonauts Cupcakes


If you don’t have a child (or you aren’t) under the age of 12, you probably don’t know who the Octonauts are…. but even if you don’t, you can’t deny that they’re pretty cool dudes. What’s not to love about anthropomorphic animals who live under the sea and go on rad adventures? Nothing! Here’s some super cute Octonauts themed cupcakes we did for a, you guessed it, Octonauts themed birthday party!

More Stacked Cakes!

Stacked CakesWant to see some more of our awesome Double (and Triple!) Stacked Cakes? Of course you do, because they are AWESOME! Here you go…

This power posse is made up of a very striking three-tier Unicorn Cake & two too-cool-for-school Cookies & Cream Cakes!

Bespoke Dinosaur Cake

Dino Cake

We’re no stranger to Dinosaur Cakes here at C&D Towers – we’ve had many requests for all things dinosaur, and for us, it never gets old. This birthday cake, for Jurassic enthusiast James, is our favourite yet! Each tier is hand-painted and adorned with cut-out, painted sugarpaste Dinos. We especially love the intrepid little Jeep, rather alarmingly positioned between an active volcano and a hungry T-Rex…


Minion Madness

Minion Party

Everybody loves Minions, right? Well I don’t think anybody loves them more than Tristan, who may have broken a world record for “Most Minion Cakes at a Birthday Party” this weekend!

American Football Cupcakes!

American Football 1

Here’s some fun American Football Cupcakes we did for Max and Matthieu’s 9th Birthday, complete with sugarpaste trophies, chocolate footballs and buttercream grass. Happy Birthday boys!

Marine Biology Cake!

Under the Sea 4

Here’s a closer look a very cool Marine Biology inspired cake we did this weekend! We’re not sure about you, but personally we find sharks a little more er… palatable, when they’re of the sugarpaste variety!

Bespoke Double-Stacked Ombré Birthday Cake

Ombre Teapot Cake 1

Here’s a look at a double-stacked version of our Ombré cake that we did for Anaya’s birthday, last week. With layers of Ombré Vanilla sponge, this buttercream cake is finished with cascading polka dots and a ridiculously cute hand-made tea set! Happy Birthday Anaya!

Mixed Mini Round-up

Mixed Minis 2

It’s no secret, we love Mini Cupcakes. Not just because you can eat at least four without feeling guilty. OK maybe that is the main reason, but we also love how great they look, however they’re decorated. Here’s a look at some of our favourite Mixed Mini selections from the last week…

All hail the Piñata Cake!

Piñata 2Everybody loves our Ready to Order Piñata cake, but sometimes you need something a little more special than your garden-variety birthday cake! Here are a couple of fun manifestations of the humble Piñata that went out of C&D Towers this weekend. Whether you need a HUGE number 2 shaped piñata, or you’d prefer to whack him on top of a delicious, decadent Cookies & Cream cake, this versatile little guy can be whatever you want him to be!

Peter Rabbit Birthday Cake

Peter Rabbit 1

The days are getting longer and Spring has finally er.. sprung! What better way to celebrate the Easter Weekend than with this beautiful Peter Rabbit Birthday cake we made for Maisie’s 2nd Birthday? This tiered cake is iced in smooth Vanilla buttercream, with layers of Lemon Sponge for the top tier, and Vanilla with jam and buttercream for the bottom tier, decorated with hand-made sugarpaste pieces. I am sure Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-duck would be pretty pleased to find themselves in such a delicious garden.


Toy Story Cake

Toy Story CakeCheck out Mr (and Mrs) Potato Head and Slinky Dog, relaxing on the top of Samuel’s 3rd Birthday cake!

Burger Cake!

Burger cake

Here’s a look at an awesome burger cake we did for Josie last week!

Want more burger cake action? Check out a quick behind-the-scenes video on the making of the cake over on Cupcake Jemma’s YouTube channel: