Bespoke double-height baby shower cake

Baby shower cakeWe love this beautiful baby shower cake we did for Carlina, last weekend. This double height cake is built from eight layers of decadent salted caramel sponge and buttercream, topped with a frosty blue white chocolate drip and piled with colourful meringue kisses – what a way to celebrate a new arrival!

Baby Shower Button Cake

Button Baby Shower cake

Here’s a super-cute cascading button cake we did for Amy…

Three-tier Christening Cake

As well as amazing cupcakes the guys are also producing some pretty cool bigger cakes these days too… Here’s a fun three-tiered Christening cake we did for Danielle.

Baby boy Christening cupcakes

Here’s some delightful cupcakes for baby Oscar’s Christening.

Christening cupcakes

Here’s a few boxes of cupcakes we did for Jerome’s Christning…

Baby blue Christening cupcakes

Here’s some lovely baby blue cupcakes we did for Samuel’s Christening…

New baby cupcakes

Here’s some new baby cupcakes from Emma for Alex. Don’t know if Alex will have had a chance to tuck in but I’m sure the new parents were grateful…

Bright blue Christening

Here’s some ace Christening cupcakes we did for Susannah…

Church Christening cupcakes

Here’s some lovely Christening cupcakes we did for Evelyn May, complete with a little picture of a church. Cute!


Here’s a few of the pretty pink and blue cupcakes we did for baby Lala’s Christening the other day…

Pretty pastel cupcakes

These are nice. Aren’t these nice? Some really great Christening cupcakes for Lauren’s daughter. Pretty!

Cupcake Christening

Here’s some fun and colourful cupcakes we did for Alfie and Lola’s Christening.

Freddie’s Christening

Here’s some classic blue-for-a-boy Christening cupcakes we did for my pal Freddie…

Christening cakes

Here’s a sweet selection of Christening cupcakes (and a topcake) we did for Neve & Ellis.

Animal christening

Here’s some great zoo animal themed cupcakes we did for Zach’s Christening. Puts me in mind of my trip to the zoo a while back. I wonder how Bobby and the guys are doing…