Bespoke double-height baby shower cake

Baby shower cakeWe love this beautiful baby shower cake we did for Carlina, last weekend. This double height cake is built from eight layers of decadent salted caramel sponge and buttercream, topped with a frosty blue white chocolate drip and piled with colourful meringue kisses – what a way to celebrate a new arrival!

Cupcake catch-up

I’ve been an even busier monkey than usual recently, what with all the Valentine’s sprinkles to source and so on, so here’s a quick round-up of some of my favourite orders over the last few days…

Here’s a little sample box we made up for Alka ahead of her wedding.

And here’s a box of big and mini cupcakes we did for Andy. You know, after such a long time in the cupcake game I can tell a whole lot about a person just from looking at their order. I believe that Andy, for example, is 40 years old, and a big Spurs fan. Don’t ask me how I do it – it’s just a gift I have. Anywho, on with the cupcakes…

Here are some cupcakes we did for Gemma’s baby shower – it’s a boy!(there’s my cupcake sixth sense kicking in again).

Here’s a chocolate and lime-coloured box of minis for Judy

And here’s another couple of boxes of minis for Kim and Ju.

…And last but by no means least, here’s a box of emo-themed big cupcakes for Poppy’s birthday.

I think that’ll do for now – my fingers are starting to get tired and there’s sprinkles to sort out for tomorrow. See you soon folks!