Attack of the Giant cupcakes!

BakeItYourself Giant cupcakes

A little late with these – I think the guys have only just gotten over the very unique sense of stress associated with baking, decorating and delivering over 20 giant cupcakes on behalf of the guys at Neff’s Bake It Yourself campaign. Anyway, here’s a selection of some of the GCCs (technical term) in question. You can find out more about Bake It Yourself along with plenty of great home-baking recipes and ideas over on the BIY Facebook page.

Yellow & Grey wedding cupcakes

Yellow & Grey wedding cupcakes

Here’s a clean, modern looking selection of cupcakes in a cool yellow-and-grey palette for Marta, along with a giant cupcake.

Attack of the Giant cupcakes!

Bake It Yourself Giant Cupcakes

Woah – here’s a quick peek at the twenty-odd giant cupcakes we did for the guys at Neff to help promote their ace Bake It Yourself drive.

Bake It Yourself Giant Cupcakes

When is a giant cupcake not a giant cupcake?


When it’s a giant football of course! Here’s a special Giant Oreo Cupcake (er, football) we did for Angie…

Happy Birthday Public City PR!

Not only is our friend Emma one of the hardest working people in showbiz, she’s also a super-nice person to boot. So we were pleased as punch to learn that her company Public City PR was celebrating it’s fifth birthday, and even pleaseder when she asked us to make some cupcakes to mark the occasion. Here’s a few of the mini cupcakes we did, along with a giant cupcake which was later improved 120% by the addition of sparklers.

Jubilee Giant cupcake

Hi all. Here’s a little pre-Jubilee Giant cupcake we did for Will. God bless yer ma’am. And, er, Will too.


Giant Moshi Monster cupcake!

We love a bit of Moshi Monster action round our way, so we were excited to get to add Katsuma onto this giant cupcake for Nancy!

Little Miss birthday giant cupcake!

Here’s a giant cupcake we did for Elisa’s Birthday, complete with Little Miss Giggles!

A Giant Pink Cupcake

When our pals at Streetcar realised they’d missed a couple of important office birthdays they were on the phone quicksmart with one simple request – “we need a giant cupcake, and it has to be really pink”. No problemo guys – happy Birthdays!

Summer pastel wedding

Here’s some light and summery wedding cupcakes (and a giant cupcake) we did for Katie and Richard’s wedding…

80s Hip-Hop cupcakes

Word up! What could be more hip-hop than a cupcake? Well, plenty of stuff I guess, but maybe not when that cupcake is 8″ tall and wearing a fat gold chain with a VW badge on. Throw in a box of big cupcakes with custom 80s hip-hop paraphernalia and you’re looking stoopid fresh, B. Or something. Anyway – here’s a few pics of the cupcakes we did for Helen’s 80s hip-hop themed 30th last weekend. Word up.


A Giant Cupcake for Professor Green

Here’s a sweet Giant Cupcake we did for the very talented Professor Green

LV Giant cupcake

Hi all. I wouldn’t normally post pics of this kind of order but I thought this one was so pretty you guys might like to take a peek. Here’s a giant Louis Vuitton-inspired cupcake we did for Mary.

Mendhi wedding tower

Here’s some great mini cupcakes (and a giant cupcake) we did for Mamta’s wedding. Check out the Mendhi piping – sweet!

Harry Potter and the magically massive cupcakes

Hi muggles! Here’s four great Giant Cupcakes we did for the good folk over at Warner Bros., who are busy celebrating the latest instalment of the mighty Harry Potter franchise. These big boys are pretty sweet – a different flavour for each (clockwise from Gryffindor Salted Caramel, Earl Grey, vanilla and chocolate) and custom-made sugar shield decorations (painted by hand with food colouring!) to represent each of the four Hogwarts houses.

You hardly need me to tell you that the first part of the new movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is out in all good cinemas from tonight, so…er… I won’t. It is though.

Have a great weekend everyone!