Sneak peak

I’ve been cataloguing my sprinkles even more assiduously than usual recently as part of a top secret project… Take a sneak peak below and I’ll reveal all next week.


500th post!

An exciting moment for all concerned now, as my little blog officially reaches it’s 500th post! My sincere thanks go out to Jemma, Sam and the whole C&D team for the constant supply of cupcakes and, of course, for the use of the company credit card to buy sprinkles.

And, um, look… I don’t want to get all misty-eyed or anything, but a very special thank you is due to everyone who’s logged on to share/endure my musings, cupcake-related puns and sprinkle fixation. There’s been laughter, tears, cupcakes and… well, it’s been mostly cupcakes I guess, but none the worse for that. If you fancy checking back over some of my past postings why not click yourself silly on the handy date and tag links over there on the right? If not then stay tuned, and I’ll see you at a thousand!


Sprinkles – top bananas!

Avid readers may remember my trip to London Zoo a couple of months back. Bobby (top gorilla and fellow cupcake fan) didn’t seem very impressed at the time about my plans for banana sprinkles, but I bet he’d change his mind if he saw these bad boys. Yep, it took me a whole weekend of sprinkle scouting to find them, but here they are – Banana Sprinkles!

…They even taste of bananas too!

A trip to the zoo

Phew. Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It’s been manic over at C&D HQ. Anywho, it’s not all work, work, work, of course, and the other day I went to catch up with some old pals at London Zoo.

I started out by comparing my weight with one of the big boys….

Then it was off to see Bobby, the silverback of the group.

We chatted for a bit about this and that, but he didn’t seem very interested in sprinkles. I told him about the new banana-shaped ones I was planning to order, but even that didn’t appear to lift his spirits much. Maybe he was disappointed that I didn’t bring cupcakes, or maybe he just had a lot on his mind.

Anyway, the Gorrilla Kingdom‘s a fun place to spend an afternoon, so I can highly recommend it. They did ask me if I’d be willing to stay on for a bit longer, but I explained that I had sprinkles to get back to and, anyway, I’m very much a free spirited kinda guy.

Sunday UpMarket Easter special!

It was a Crumbs and Doilies Easter eggstravaganza at Sunday UpMarket today – with a truly eggcellent selection of cupcakes, mini eggs, chicks and rabbits. A big thanks to everyone who came along to say hi, and for those that didn’t/couldn’t, well, the yolk’s on you! (sorry).

Anyway, Crumbs and Doilies can be found in the same spot every Sunday, so if you find yourself in the East End come down and take a look – we’re close to the twin excitements of Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane.

Mini cupcake stands

As well as our big cupcake stands, we also keep a selection of these cute smaller stands, for parties, corporate events and climbing on (don’t worry, I always wash my feet first and the stand after). These are a few of our favourite colours, though there’s lots more too.

If you’d like to display your Crumbs and Doilies cupcakes in a more interesting way, we’ll be more than happy to lend you one (or more) of these bad boys along with your order. Each stand holds 4-7 dozen mini cupcakes, or a dozen big ones; if you’d like to find out more, just give us a shout and we can provide you with full details…

Happy New Year!


Have a great 2007 everyone!

Love and sprinkles,