Childline Bake-Off Ball!

It’s that time of year again, and as much as we’d like to avoid it, it’s inevitable… We’re not talking about the greying sky, the shorter days or the end of Summer, but rather… the end of Bake Off! Tonight marks the very last GBBO as we know it, and we’re going to be consoling ourselves with more than a couple of baked goodies while we curl up to watch the Bake Off finale tonight.

Bake Off Gang

In brighter news, we had the amazing opportunity to support the NSPCC with the annual Childline Ball. This year was extra special as it marked 30 whole years of Childline. This year, the team at NSPCC teamed up with our favourite TV show ever (GBBO obvs!) for a completely Bake-Off themed ball! To ensure an authentic Bake Off experience, we helped to create a Technical Challenge, by providing uniced C&D Cupcakes with plenty of buttercream and sprinkles, for the guests to recreate, and be judged on, some designs we’d prepared earlier.

The evening was captured by the talented guys at CPG Photography, and we’ve included our favourite moments for you here!


Catch Jemma on Jamie’s FoodTube!

Great news for anyone wanting to brush up on their own cupcake skills – our very own Jemma has joined Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Family, from the bosom of which she’ll be offering up a selection of entertaining and educational clips on everything from making the perfect buttercream to working with royal icing.

You can watch Jamie’s introduction above and the first video (Perfect Buttercream) below, and while you’re at it be sure to subscribe to the Food Tube channel for forthcoming vids from not only Jemma but also Gennaro, DJ BBQ, The Chiappas and of course Jamie himself. There’s new videos every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday!

C&D voted Best Birthday Cake – The FT

We were very excited to open this weekend’s copy of the FT Magazine to find that our Raspberry Ripple cake had been voted as their Best Birthday Cake, seeing off strong competition from the likes of Konditor & Cook, Paul, Patisserie Valerie and more. Thanks guys! If you too would like to see what all the fuss is about then of course our Raspberry Ripple cakes are (ahem, shameless plug) available to order right here.

Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club

Jamie Oliver Food Fight ClubFood Fight Club

Wow, that’s a lot of alliteration. Anyway – those of you with a TV or internet connection and a penchant for cake-based fun and entertainment (which I’m hoping is pretty much everybody reading this) might like to know that the latest and, dare I say, greatest edition of Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club is on tonight and features none other than our glorious/inglorious leader, Jemma! That’s her on the left there, all attitude and apron strings, though she’s quite friendly in real life. Watch her and the rest of J&J’s cake army take on the might of the Italians as they compete to see who has the best puddings in the world!

You can watch J&J’s FFC with added C&D tonight on C4 and C4HD, as well as on C4+1, 4Seven and catch the whole series online too.

C and D Cupcakes on Daybreak!

Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted some of our cupcakes showing up on ITV’s Daybreak show earlier this week in celebration of National Cupcake week. For those of you that didn’t, here’s a couple of quick pics!

Crumbs and Doilies Streetcar ad!

Hi all. If you’ve been out and about on London’s tube network you might have noticed a new Streetcar ad featuring yours truly (well, not me personally – there were image rights issues – but Jemma and Sally are in it) and our cupcakes.

If you happen to find yourself crammed up against said poster next time you’re making your way around the Underground why not snap a pic of you or a friend with it and Tweet us (@crumbsandoilies) or post something on our Facebook Wall? We’ll reward pic-posters with cupcake vouchers!

C&D in Rock Sound magazine!

Here’s a clip of some sweet Gaslight Anthem cupcakes we did a little while ago, courtesy of the good folks at Rock Sound magazine!

C&D in the NY Times!

Cupcake aficionados living over the water in the Big Apple might like to pick up a copy of today’s New York Times. The Week in Review section features an article on cupcakes and the recent furore over cupcakes being banned by some schools in the US.

Anyway, to get an English perspective on the story the New York Times came to little old us! If you’re not within easy reach of your nearest NYC bodega, you can read the article in full here.

Cupcakes Take the Cake

A big hi to Rachel and everyone else over at Cupcakes Take The Cake, a great blog based in the US, who were kind enough to feature the Crumbs and Doilies Nu-Rave cupcakes we made a while back last week. CCTTC (as I like to call it) is definitely worth a look for anyone with a passing interest in all things cupcakey, and the lovely Rachel even described my little blog as “fabulous”. Well, shucks, y’know, er, I try, but really I… phew – I’ve gone bright pink. Anyway, be sure to head over and check them out, add them to your RSS feed list and so on.

Incidentally, keen observers may have noticed that I’m sat at C&D HQ typing this rather than taking up my usual position on the Sunday UpMarket stall – we’re so busy this weekend with weddings and other big orders that we’re having to take the week off. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back soon – check back here on my fabulous (ahem) blog for the latest market movements.

See you soon!