Colourful Sprinkle cupcakes

Want all-white icing but still yearning for some colourful cupcakes? Here’s a colourful sprinkle selection we did for Katie…

Super-extravagant cupcakes!

Here’s some super OTT cupcakes we did for Andreas, who’s only instruction was “make them as extravagant as possible”. The guys set an excited B down with some sweet, sweet buttercream icing and the keys to my sprinkle stash and a couple of hours later…Boom!

Christmas sprinkles!

Hi gang. Just to let you know that we’ve added a pretty cool selection of Christmas sprinkles to the online store. Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowballs, holly & ivy… and check out those mini Santas carrying sacks – adorable!

New sprinkles in the C&D store!

Hi everyone. Sorry for the late-night post but I was just too excited to wait until the morning. We – and when I say ‘we’ I mean I – have been hard at work finding new and amazing sprinkles to add to our online store and, subsequently, your delicious cupcakes and I’m pleased as punch to announce that some of the little fellas are ‘live’ in our online store as of right now! You can see some of the new guys below…

But that’s not all! From now until the end of this coming weekend we’ll be offering free UK delivery on all orders over £5! Just click through to the checkout and select free delivery then sit back and try not to look too smug as a box of awesome sprinkles wings it’s way to you in time for next week!
(I’m contractually obliged to mention that this offer is for this weekend only, and will end as of Monday 2nd August. Sorry, I know it’s boring but the guys will shout at me me if I don’t).

Anyway, happy sprinkle shopping y’all! I’ll be back with more cupcake-related pics and news tomorrow.


New online store!

Hi all. Obviously Crumbs and Doilies is the go-to spot for your London-based cupcake needs, but what if you’re a talented home-baker looking to add a bit of pizazz to your own cupcake creations? Well, good news! As part of our new site we’re launching the C&D online supplies and equipment store!

Tired of paying through the nose for inferior-quality paper cases and cake boxes? £4 bags of sprinkles? So were we. So we’ve tried to keep our prices as fair as possible and over the coming months we’ll be adding more new items and sprinkles to the store for your cupcake-related pleasure. There’s a pretty sweet range up there right now from the get-go, and to make it even sweeter we’re offering 10% off all purchases made from now until the end of the month. Just enter the word june in the discount box at checkout!

And before you ask, I’m absolutely fine with making my precious sprinkles available to you guys. It’s not a problem. I don’t have an issue with it. No issue of any kind. It’s totally cool. Really. It is. It’s fine. I’m fine. I’ve, er, gotta go. Byee!


Sprinkles – pastel bunnies & duckies!