Eggless (and romantic) cupcakes!

Here’s some lovely eggless cupcakes (a firm favourite with the C&D crew incidentally – if you get the chance you should try some) we did for Sunit…

Vegan cupcakes!

Hi all. Good news for vegans, the lactose intolerant and other people who prefer their cupcakes animal-product free – we’ve been hard at work on our eggless and vegan recipes and we think we’ve cracked it!

As well as our great gluten-free cupcakes we now offer eggless cupcakes, which can be made with glacé icing for a completely vegan-friendly nibble! More details are available over on the flavours page…You can order on their own, or if you’re having a wedding or throwing a party they can be combined with other flavours so there’s something for everyone.

And here’s one of our first all-vegan orders, for Sabrina’s boss’s birthday!