Ingredients: Tate and Lyle Sugars

The sugar for our cupcakes and icing is provided by Tate & Lyle, and is produced at their Thames Refinery in East London. Both T&L’s Icing and Caster sugar are accredited as Fairtrade, meaning that the farmers and smallholders get a fairer deal and that money goes towards education, health and other community projects. All Tate & Lyle sugar is refined from natural cane sugar, which gives a superior taste and texture to sugar refined from sugar beet.

We use Tate & Lyle’s Fairtrade Caster sugar primarily for its wonderfully sweet, natural taste and fine crystals, which help make the sponge in our cupcakes light, delicious and moist. We use their Fairtrade Icing sugar because it produces a fantastically smooth buttercream icing with a sweet but natural flavour.

We also use T&L Fairtrade Royal Icing sugar (to make smoother, firmer icing for piped decorations and designs) and Fairtrade Brown sugar. Our sugarpaste (for covered cakes and custom decorations) comes from M&B, a family-run business in North London who have been making and supplying high-quality sugarpaste to expert cake makers for over 20 years.