Brownies & Tray Bakes, now available to ORDER!

group brownieHave you heard, have you heard!? Our brownies, tray bakes & slices are now available to order via the website! There are 12 fine specimens, from the majestic Snickers Brownie to the lesser spotted Cookie Cheesecake. These rare breeds were previously only found in the C&D Soho region but have recently been domesticated, allowing for delivery right to your door!

Available in 7″ or 10″ slabs, you can choose from Snickers Brownie, PB&J Brownie, Cornershop Tiffin, Biscoff Rocky Road, Salted Caramel Pretzel Shortbread, Pecan Brownie, Cookie Dough Brownie, Oreo Rocky Road, Rice Crispie Party Bar, Cookie Cheesecake, Classic Chocolate and Double Decker Brownie! Catch them while you can!

Brownie 2 Brownie 1 Brownie 3 Brownie 9 Brownie 8 Brownie 7 Brownie 6 Brownie 5 Brownie 4 Brownie Biscoff Snickers