Complete Cupcake Classes with Baking & Decorating this Saturday

Cupcake class baking and decorating

Exciting news! This Saturday sees the first of our brand new Complete Cupcakes: Baking and Decorating cupcake classes at our kitchen in Wandsworth. It’s the first class we’ve done which includes all aspects of making perfect cupcakes; not only will you get to decorate 12 beautiful cupcakes (plus a few spares, of course), you’ll also get full hands-on training in how to make amazing buttercream icing and bake perfect cupcakes every time.

We’ll walk you through every step including preparing, mixing and baking your cupcakes, making icing and a variety of beautiful decoration techniques, and every student gets their own mixer and equipment to use so there’s no working in pairs or watching long demonstrations when you’re itching to get up to your elbows in cake batter.

Because our Complete Cupcakes class uses a bit more equipment and takes longer than most of our other classes spaces are more limited than usual, but there are still two spots remaining for this Saturday’s class and you can find out more information on how to book via our Cupcake Classes page.

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