Biscoff New York Cookie Kit


We've sat on it as long as we could... Before Lockdown we had a new NY Cookie at C&D Soho: The Biscoff Cookie! These monsters were sooo good we could barely keep them on the shelf - perfect white and milk chocolate gooey NY Cookies, choc full of Biscoff crumb and featuring a molten, oozy Biscoff centre! That's right - these cookies be filled! 

Anyway, things didn't quite go as plan but C&D Soho's loss is everyone else's gain! We're releasing the full recipe kit for our Biscoff New York Cookies, including everything you need to make these amazing, filled, Biscoff masterpieces right in your own home. All you need to add is some butter and a couple of eggs! And as always the best bit is once balled and frozen you've got Cookies in the freezer ready to go at any time!

Please note Cupcake Kits are available for shipping to UK addresses only.


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