Red Velvet Cupcake Baking Kit - no eggs or milk required!


We know times are hard and the supermarket shelves are bare - our Red Velvet Cupcake Baking Kit means you can bake at home no matter what! Including Cake Mix, Icing Sugar, Vanilla, Cider Vinegar, Vegetable Oil, Red Food Colour Paste (a full pot - enough for up to 6 more batches), Cupcake Cases and a Recipe Card.

This Cupcake Kit makes 12 cupcakes, and can be made vegan, dairy free or regular depending on your dietary preference and what you can get in the shop!

For Vegan sponge you will need 245ml of a milk alternative (can be soy, almond, oat etc), or regular milk for non-vegan. For Vegan frosting you will need 160g of dairy free spread (can be soy, sunflower etc) for regular frosting you will need 130g Cream Cheese and 80g unsalted butter.

Please note Cupcake Kits are available for shipping to UK addresses only.

Head over to the Cupcake Jemma website for EU shipping options. 


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Christmas gifts

Our bake at home kits make a unique present idea for everyone to enjoy. Excellent as Christmas gifts or stocking fillers for those budding bakers in your life. Our baking kits arrive perfectly packaged up in our branded C&D boxes, complete with the option to add a personalised gift card. All kits currently on sale have a use by date of February 2021 or later so will last well into the new year.