Hot Chocolate Set


Banish the winter blues - and all thoughts of insipid, grainy 'hot chocolate' drinks - with the Ultimate Hot Chocolate Set! Includes a Cupcake Jemma mug, 2 packs of the best-quality chocolate, sprinkles, mini marshmallows and instructions that will forever change the way you make and drink Hot Chocolate! Each kit includes full recipe quantities so you can carry on making the best ever Hot Chocolate even once you've used up the included chocolate chips.


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Christmas gifts

Our bake at home kits make a unique present idea for everyone to enjoy. Excellent as Christmas gifts or stocking fillers for those budding bakers in your life. Our baking kits arrive perfectly packaged up in our branded C&D boxes, complete with the option to add a personalised gift card. All kits currently on sale have a use by date of February 2021 or later so will last well into the new year.