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A closer look at our new packaging

A closer look at our new packaging

Crumbs & Doilies cupcakes

As part of our spring clean we’ve redesigned all our cupcake boxes and packaging, from the custom sprinkle-print tissue paper that lines each box to the colourful straps and stickers that provide a finishing touch. It’s been an exciting few weeks seeing our new-look boxes make their way into the big wide world, so we thought we’d share a few pics here on the blog.

All our boxes are custom-made to provide a perfect fit for our cupcakes, so once your order is baked and decorated we carefully nestle them inside ensuring the little chaps can’t roll around or smush their icing everywhere, and guaranteeing that your cupcakes are as perfect when you receive them as the moment when they left the bakery.

What’s more for extra environmental piece of mind all our packaging is completely recyclable, so once you’ve enjoyed your cupcakes it can be disposed of without damage to mother nature or your environmental credentials. We’re really pleased with the new boxes and we think you’re going to love them just as much (ok, nearly as much) as what’s inside. In the meantime click on for a more detailed peek…

A full range of C&D boxes Cupcakes and menu card Fragile label Straps Inside boxes New box and menu card



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