Happy Birthday Simon’s cat!

This March saw the 10th birthday of our favourite animated series Simon’s cat. In-case, unlike us, you have never lost hours of your evening to this addictive cartoon, let us introduce you! Simon’s cat follows the adventures of a mischievous and often hilarious fat white cat and his ever suffering owner Simon. Over the last 10 years their youtube following has grown to an impressive 4 million followers and what better way to celebrate than with cake! Here’s a sneak peak of the cake that we made for the party.


Take a look at our behind the scenes video here to see the work that went into this creation. Focusing on the amazing hand painted pictures and the making of the Simon’s Cat 3D model on top. If you haven’t seen any of the hilarious animations over on the Simon’s Cat channel, you MUST MUST MUST! – take a look here to see just what you have been missing out on!

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