Experience the ultimate treat with Crumbs & Doilies' stuffed cookies. Each cookie is carefully baked to deliver a perfect balance of textures and flavours, featuring a gooey, decadent centre that makes every bite an unforgettable experience. Perfect for any occasion, our stuffed cookies are designed to impress and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Whether you're looking for a special gift, a party treat, or simply a delightful snack for yourself, our stuffed cookies are the perfect choice. We offer a variety of exciting flavours, each one created using premium ingredients to ensure the highest quality. With nationwide delivery, you can enjoy these mouth-watering cookies no matter where you are in the UK. 

Order online today and experience the extraordinary taste of Crumbs & Doilies' stuffed cookies delivered straight to your door.

5 products
5 products

Stuffed Cookie Delivery

Crumbs & Doilies is proud to offer nationwide delivery for our delicious stuffed cookies, ensuring you can enjoy our treats anywhere in the UK. Our cookies are baked fresh and dispatched with care to preserve their perfect texture and flavour.

We provide next-day delivery for orders placed before 10am, allowing you to satisfy your cookie cravings without delay. Each order is securely packed to ensure your cookies arrive fresh and ready to enjoy. Perfect for gifts, parties, or simply treating yourself, our reliable nationwide delivery service makes enjoying Crumbs & Doilies' stuffed cookies incredibly convenient.

Irresistible Stuffed Cookies for Every Taste

Crumbs & Doilies offers a delectable range of stuffed cookies that cater to every taste. Each cookie is crafted to perfection, featuring a rich, gooey centre that promises an indulgent treat with every bite.

Our Caramel Cornflake Cookie combines the crunch of cornflakes with a luscious caramel filling, creating a delightful texture contrast. The Biscoff Cookie is a must-try for Biscoff lovers, filled with creamy Biscoff spread that complements its soft, chewy exterior.

For those who enjoy a classic combination, the Cookies & Cream Cookie pairs rich chocolate dough with a smooth, creamy filling, reminiscent of your favourite cookies and cream dessert. Meanwhile, the Bueno Cookie features a hazelnut-filled centre inspired by the popular chocolate bar, offering a perfect balance of nutty and sweet flavours.

No matter your preference, our stuffed cookies are designed to satisfy your cravings and provide a memorable treat. Enjoy these irresistible cookies as a special gift, a party highlight, or a well-deserved snack.


How long do the stuffed cookies stay fresh?

Our stuffed cookies are best enjoyed within 3-5 days of delivery. To maintain their freshness, store them in an airtight container at room temperature.

How are the stuffed cookies packaged for delivery?

Our stuffed cookies are securely packed in sturdy boxes to prevent damage during transit. Each cookie is individually wrapped to maintain its freshness and ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Do you offer bulk ordering for events and parties?

Yes, we offer bulk ordering options for events and parties. Whether you need a large quantity for a corporate event or a special celebration, please contact our team to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

Can I schedule a future delivery date for my stuffed cookies?

Absolutely! During the checkout process, you can select a future delivery date that works best for you.


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