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Ingredients: Organic Free Range Eggs
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Ingredients: Organic Free Range Eggs

The quality of eggs plays a huge role in the taste and texture of any sponge cake, and of course the quality of the hens’ lives is very important to us at C&D. Happily, the two things tend to go together: happy hens lay great eggs.

Free Range Eggs stacked in pink trays for baking

All our eggs are certified Organic Free Range, so the hens that lay them are free to graze and forage outdoors all day and live in mobile hen houses which are moved periodically to ensure they always have fresh pastures to enjoy. The eggs are collected daily and sorted, graded and packed right on the farm so when they’re delivered to us twice weekly they're never more than a few days old when we receive them. This freshness, the hens' natural outdoor lifestyle and their organic diet makes for the best eggs we’ve ever tasted and, of course, amazing cakes and cupcakes.



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