Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club

Jamie Oliver Food Fight ClubFood Fight Club

Wow, that’s a lot of alliteration. Anyway – those of you with a TV or internet connection and a penchant for cake-based fun and entertainment (which I’m hoping is pretty much everybody reading this) might like to know that the latest and, dare I say, greatest edition of Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club is on tonight and features none other than our glorious/inglorious leader, Jemma! That’s her on the left there, all attitude and apron strings, though she’s quite friendly in real life. Watch her and the rest of J&J’s cake army take on the might of the Italians as they compete to see who has the best puddings in the world!

You can watch J&J’s FFC with added C&D tonight on C4 and C4HD, as well as on C4+1, 4Seven and catch the whole series online too.

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