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Two Tier Mermaid Cake

Take a look at this lovely Two Tier Mermaid Cake which we made recently, featuring tie dye mermaid buttercream, shell...

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Tiered Pastel Cake

Take a look at this beautiful wedding cake from the weekend.  We love the gold foil detail and custom meringues,... Read more

Tiered Pastel Unicorn Cake!

  You can’t go near the internet without bumping into a Unicorn, at the moment, and we’re not complaining. We... Read more

Ganache Wedding Cake

These cold days and dark nights have us yearning for and reminiscing about the brighter days of Summer… Remember when... Read more

Amazing rainbow wedding cake

When Jo asked us to create her wedding cake and told us to do whatever we wanted, we were pretty... Read more

Bespoke Cornetto Cake

Never ones to turn down the chance to eat ice cream in the name of research, we naturally jumped at... Read more

Alice in Wonderland Cake

We can’t count the number of Alice in Wonderland inspired orders we’ve been asked to do, over the years. There’s... Read more

More Stacked Cakes!

Want to see some more of our awesome Double (and Triple!) Stacked Cakes? Of course you do, because they are... Read more

Bespoke Dinosaur Cake

We’re no stranger to Dinosaur Cakes here at C&D Towers – we’ve had many requests for all things dinosaur, and... Read more

Three Tier Raspberry Ripple Cake!

Here’s a closer look at the ridiculously delicious three-tier Raspberry Ripple cake we did for Laura, this week. Each tier... Read more